Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review

As I was searching online this weekend I found this site and discovered the existence of a brand new type of elliptical on the block – called a Max Trainer Elliptical.


Bowflex-max m5.png

This is a different kind of elliptical trainer. It’s more like a vertical crosstrainer.

Instead of running on a flat path you climb upwards on a vertical path. This is supposed to give you faster results and I have to say, it looks impressive.

The Bowflex Max M5 was tested by Bowflex and they found that you can burn more than twice the calories on it verses a regular elliptical or treadmill.

That’s cool, I thought. So I looked at it a little more. Did I want to give up my search for an elliptical trainer and go with the max m5 trainer instead?

Here’s my take:

The Good:

Faster Results

The M5 has a 14 minute workout that alternates high and low intensity. It is supposed to help you burn calories in less time. According to Bowflex, this workout is all you need to see results.




Judging by some of the videos I’ve seen, it does work. After all, it’s harder to climb than to run. So I’m guessing you’re going to naturally trainer harder and burn more fat.

I’m pretty busy and let’s face it – I’m not a huge fan of working out for long hours.

So this is appealing to me on a lot of different levels.



The Max M5 is also smaller than a regular elliptical machine. It’s about half the size really. So this is also appealing.

I don’t have a large space to put my elliptical trainer – and if I can get a smaller machine it will seem a lot less intimidating and easier to move if need be.



Better Upper Body workout

The Bowflex Max is supposed to work more of your core muscles and arm muscles than a regular elliptical trainer.

Looking at it, I’m not really sure how – unless it’s related to the intensity of the built-in workouts. But the Bowflex studies say that this is the case. So I’m assuming they have the evidence to prove it (otherwise, they’d be in deep legal do-do).

My arms are not my best feature to put it nicely. So anything I can do to tighten them up is a bonus.


Convincing Before and After pics:

I’m a sucker for a good before and after pic. And the ones for this trainer are really motivating:




You don’t get that with your Mama’s elliptical trainer.


The Bad:

No Backward Motion

One thing I Love about the elliptical machine is that I can go backwards. This helps me to crosstrain and I feel like it gives me a better workout. According to my personal trainer friend, it does no such thing.

According to him, pedalling backwards doesn’t really work that much on your body. But I disagree. I think especially if you have the resistance level up, you’re going to work some kind of muscles by going backwards.

And the fact that I can’t do this on the Max Trainer M5 is a downside for me.


Intense Workout

I’ve heard a couple of people review this machine and they all say one thing – it’s a very hard workout. That is good in the sense that it probably means you are, in fact, burning more fat.

But I don’t want a too-intense workout. I’m just getting started and not in the best shape.

So it makes me a bit nervous to be thrown into the deep end like that. I think I’ll go with a less-intense standard elliptical machine.


Bottom Line?

I like the look of the Bowflex M5 Max Trainer. It just looks so cool – almost as cool as the Bowflex Treadclimber. For some reason Bowflex makes that coolest looking machines. You’ve got to give them points for that.

Overall though I think I’ll pass on this one. The high calorie burn and low impact are great benefits. But I don’t want to do such an intense workout. I know I’m a wimp but that part makes me a bit nervous.

The high calorie burn does sound tempting though. So I’m a bit on the fence overall. I might sleep on it and decide to jump into the deep end after all.







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